Do I have to make an appointment to visit in person?
Yes, we do ask that you make an appointment. The highly personalised level of service we provide requires our undivided attention. By making an appointment, you are guaranteed of getting the maximum benefit from your visit.

What times/days are available for appointment?
Appointment times are flexible and include weekdays, Saturdays and some evening times on weeknights. Call or email to check current availability.

Can I get a brochure?
Yes. Call us and we will post out a brochure to your address.

Do you take country/interstate orders?
Yes. Contact us for a free brochure to be sent out. Find out more in the "information" and "how to order" sections.

How long will it take?
Allow 8 weeks in total. This allows for 4 weeks for us to work on the design, making amendments along the way; and another 4 weeks for the finished design to be produced. Occasionally we can complete your stationery in less time; but this is subject to workloads at the time of ordering. Call us for details.

Can I change the design, colour, shape, etc of the invites?
Yes. All of our stationery is custom-made. This means that we are able to change the colour it's printed in, the kind of card it's printed on, the shape it folds to, the illustrations, etc, etc. Sometimes we design totally new designs not like any of the designs we have previously done. Or some customers base their design on one of our existing ones, but change the colour and the card. We can even incorporate photographs of the actual church or reception venue into the design. There are so many possibilities, making Iconography a perfect choice for couples wanting unique, highly individual stationery.

Will I see how the invite looks before it's printed?
Yes. We always send our customers proofs to check before we go to production. The proofs are usually emailed to you. If this is unsuitable we can make other arrangements, though email is the fastest, most convenient and preferred method.



All designs, illustrations and images are the property of Iconography and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written permission.
Unauthorised reproduction in part or whole is a breach of Copyright.